Socialite Theresa Roemer’s 3,000-square-foot, three-story wardrobe produced the lady the talk of this city

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Socialite Theresa Roemer’s 3,000-square-foot, three-story wardrobe produced the lady the talk of this city

It’s a bright and sunny afternoon in January, and in addition we’re standing up during the gymnasium-size great room of this three-story, 17,315-square-foot mansion that 53-year-old keeps along with her multi-millionaire oilman husband, Lamar, that is 68. The mansion adjoins the eighth fairway of a golf program within the special Carlton Woods region in the heart of The Woodlands, the master-planned community thirty miles north of Houston. For the past half hour, she actually is already been offering me a trip. We’ve moved through the dining area, the wine-tasting space, several kitchen areas, a theater, a health club, and nine guest bed rooms. I stared at a Chagall painting, a dozen approximately massive amethyst geodes (each value 25 % of so many dollars), a statue of a Chinese foo puppy, a chandelier thus enormous I had to crane my head back to take the whole thing, and a pool large enough to float a yacht.

And now Theresa brings myself in to the master suite. This woman is, among her company phone calls the lady, a€?the more statuesque of blondes,a€? five foot nine in high, wearing a tight black colored turtleneck, a good black fabric Donna Karan vest, tight-fitting black colored leather-and-knit Chanel driving pants, and black colored Chanel footwear.

She sipped champagne and posed for photo taken of the culture professional photographers

a€?This means,a€? she states, using a right change into the master toilet, after which another right-turn toward a cup wall surface with two crystal-clear cup gates. She draws them open. a€?right here we are,a€? she states. a€?Step inside my closet.a€?

I cannot feel the things I’m watching. The cabinet are three thousand sq ft and three reports highest, with all the floor surfaces linked by a white spiral staircase. In the first-floor, the structure is lined with bright white racks to hold Theresa’s greatest Chanel eyewear, the woman 150 purses (like 60 HermA?s Birkins), along with her selection of jewelry (no less than 100 items). On second-floor tend to be more white shelves to keep this lady 300 sets of sneakers (such as 75 sets of Louboutins, the notoriously high priced high heel shoes with red-lacquered bottoms); various other shelving to hold their devices, from HermA?s, Chanel, and Gucci; and a rack draped with Louis Vuitton and Chanel jewelry. Hanging from 1 wall surface is dozens upon dozens of clothing and dresses, like a $6,000 Pucci and a $6,000 Badgley Mischka. In the next floors try the lady assortment of furs: lynx, mink, chinchilla, beaver, white fox, raccoon, and rabbit.

The wardrobe is adorned with a wine pub, a beauty salon room for locks and cosmetics, a resting location with a banquette settee, and a mannequin dressed in a $10,000 Oscar de la Renta gown. On a single wall surface try a photograph of Theresa dressed up in silk underwear, looking steamily in to the camera-a photograph she made available to her partner on her fiftieth birthday. On another wall surface try a photograph of Theresa covered with a terry-cloth gown.

Only a few people in Houston’s personal sectors knew everything about the girl

Merely half a year earlier on, I experienced never observed Theresa Roemer. Wearing certainly the lady fashion designer costumes and gargantuan high heel shoes, she occasionally drove herself to Houston foundation occasions in either the lady white Rolls-Royce or the woman black colored Bentley. Tales circulated that she was actually a business owner of manner who had produced her very own type of scented candles, chocolates truffles, and ladies apparel. Rumor had they that she had as soon as obtained a Mrs. Tx contest and had co-authored a self-help publication for women.

So far as Houston community observers are involved, she was one particular nouveaux wealth from Woodlands who have been attempting a touch too difficult be noticeable by the socialites from the 019 (the a€?oh-one-ninea€? is actually shorthand for 77019, the key area code for River Oaks, where lots of older-money Houstonians live). One high-profile partygoer said that she viewed Theresa once the classic wannabe, bound to continue to be shunted into the again tables at Houston galas that increase money for debilitating conditions.

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