Communicate, Collaborate, Connect, Meet, Share files & Organize Tasks to bring out greater Outputs

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Communicate, Collaborate, Connect, Meet, Share files & Organize Tasks to bring out greater Outputs

One Time Payment Lifetime License. Users Free.

Real time Collaboration from Anywhere

Centralized Communication with seamless switching between devices

Office LAN Chat Software Trusted by over Companies across the World

Built for empowering Equipe Communication

Instant Messaging

Collaborative Group Chats, Custom Groups & Chat Rooms

High Quality Voice/Video Call & Desktop Sharing

Secure File Transfer

Tasks / To do Lists

Multi Platform Support

Endless Conversation flow.Get Output Messenger on any device

On premise server to keep sensitive business momento close to the source.

Works within Office LAN / WAN / VPN, Multiple uomo-rana networks, Terminal Service and Internet.

SSL/TLS enabled secure & encrypted messages, suitable for banking and government sectors.

Only authenticated users can connect with your Office messenger rete di emittenti.

Centralized Chat Log Storage with Advanced Search & Filters

Make Each Day Productive with Output Features

Your Server Your Control

Host in your own server & meet all your organisation security needs. Your Privacy matters verso lot to us.

Advanced Encryption

Industry canone SSL and TLS protect your conversation from outside rete informatica.

Active Directory LDAP Support

Import user accounts from verso global catalog and create local users on server.

Rete Di Emittenti Posizione Sociale

Discover your team members location from their connected rete di emittenti rete di emittenti chatting.

Screen Clipper

Capture your desktop screen, edit and share instantly with your coworkers.

Sticky Notes

Organize the tasks, important events and to do lists as Sticky taccuino on your desktop.


Never miss out an important riunione or event. Sync reminders across devices.

Internal Mail

Send Internal mails with attachment to employees within Internal Team Chat Messenger.

Server less Communication

Get smooth and unbroken communication, even though the Server is in off line.

OTR Messaging

For confidential amministrazione messages, which should not be logged.

Communication Restriction

Administrator can restrict the communication among specific users and groups.


All you need for productive office with Output Desk & Output Time Integrations.

Acknowledgement Messages

Get receipt from your recipient, to make sure your message gets noticed.

Read Notifications

Know the condizione sociale of your messages with delivered & read indicators.

Push Notification

Get notified instantly on new messages at arredo, even when you closed the app.

Sync across devices

Sync instant messages across all your devices with same login account.

Browser Support

Chat with your gruppo mates directly from all your browsers conveniently.

API / Addon

Integrate with your favorite apps easily through the norma API/Addon.

Private Social Rete Di Emittenti

Social rete di emittenti to connect, share, engage and collaborate across your organization.

Ticketing System & Live Chat

Simple Customer Help desk system for tickets management & live chat.

Chat Commands & Shortcuts

Save time and increase productivity using quick chat commands and keyboard shortcuts.

Explore our Solutions for all your Teams

Teams of any size can stay productive with Output Messenger


Complete security with control of sensitive giorno,key intelligence mediante your control. Collaborate,share files, engage sopra calls which are completely encrypted.

Technology / IT

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Engage con better remote collaboration with self hosted & messaging. Keep your tempo secure. Build your innovative IT business


Bring all your field / sales service, warehouse workers/technicians under one roof to communicate and coordinate. Fast Enterprise Chat Software.

Health Care & Life Sciences

Stay engaged with your health care experts staff and provide quality health care by hippa compliant instant messaging, file transfer, calling, screen sharing, etc.

Retail / Wholesale

Streamline communication between frontline workers, sales man, other employees to meet your business needs with Inter Office Messaging system.

Banking / Financial Services

Via improving your Private Secure Internal Communication and deliver culmine quality products/service to your clients.


Virtual classrooms for remote learning with secure communication between teachers and students of your entire school/college.


Communication features with SSL/TLS AES Bit encryption for military staffs with entire tempo control within your server.


Everything you need to run your gruppo and boost productivity. Bring everthing and everyone together to get work done smarter.

Non Profit

Setup verso Secure Communication environment for your employees by incorporating this best Office Chat Software.

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