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Halsey following went on involved in ONI’s Palace Base

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Halsey following went on involved in ONI’s Palace Base

Whenever asked by the Admiral Whitcomb as to why on her methods, she provided an easy UNSC password “Three-Nine-One or two,” and that meant that she is actually on a leading consideration purpose

Dr.   She volunteered to stay about to make sure that all of the UNSC technology was covered regarding possible bring. [20] She initiated Procedure: White GLOVE, at some point destroying multiple AIs (including Cortana’s “elderly sibling” Kalmiya) to store this new Covenant out of opening UNSC databases.  To the expectation that Covenant would cup the whole world, in addition to education you to definitely even though it don’t, she’d become up against a whole military out-of Covenant floor forces, Halsey are prepared to compromise the woman really works.

Along with her Spartans, Halsey exhausted Castle Base, moving greater to the shafts below

not, that it changed when Spartans Fred-104, Kelly-087, Vinh-030, Isaac-039, and certainly will-043 searched from the entry to Castle Legs. To your firepower to possibly battle its way to avoid it, thriving Palace Base’s depletion became practical. She offered emergency services towards the Spartans for their wounds, however, a data anomaly understood by the her accompanying AI, Kalmiya, lured Dr.ادامه »Halsey following went on involved in ONI’s Palace Base